Anita Ber Ber Atelier

Anita Ber Ber Atelier has been born from a mixture of marvellous coincidences in
the life of its creator, Verónica Campos. The first of them happened in 2008
when, after finishing studies of Fashion Design, Pattern and Clothing in Málaga,
Verónica was granted with the Leonardo scholarship in Berlin. This casuality
lead her to the German capital, despite she was looking up to London or Paris as
optimal designer destinations. Her stay in Berlin took her through the endless
array of spontaneous urban styles exhibited within the streets of the city, her
contact with peoples from diverse origins and varied artistic interests gave her
new ideals. After her initial German episode, Verónica’s horizons were widened
and her conception of life and fashion was to change forever.
Two years later, a new combination of events made Verónica land in Berlin again,
this time setting her permanent residence in Friedrichshain, near Boxhagener
Platz, epicenter of alternative lifestyle and nightlife. The area is well known
for embracing together declared hipsters, fervent vegans, techno music
fannatics, members of LGTB and others in a harmonic coexistence, with a color
and flavour of its own.
For the next ten years, Verónica mastered the German language, got herself
immersed in the city way of life, and redefined her preferences only to give
birth to a distinctive signature that clearly identifies her: a delicate
combination of urban and industrial elements with a touch of “vintage.” A style
thought for males and females whose desire to express goes beyond the limits of
social conventions. The philosophy of freedom of choice vital to this project
was inspired by the figure of Anita Berber, a multitalented artist who lived in
Berlin during the crazy interwar years. The ground-breaking personality for
which the remarkable Berber passed into history, captivated Verónica to the
point of becoming iconic of her brand.
Against all odds, another surprising destiny turn in 2019, offered Verónica the
opportunity to start her own business in Málaga. A new concept of shop and
studio within the renowned Thyssen Area could see the light after Verónica put
together resources and shed her immense energy to overcome initial difficulties.
Well, but how could the soul of the brand be understood? Anita Ber Ber Atelier
has a compromise with the principles of “slow” or sustainable fashion, offered
by national designers. The exquisite blend of industrial urbanity and elegance
confers all its garments a singular identity. The Mediterranean spirit of its
creator can be felt in the predominance of light and color, which renews the
dark urban Berliner style by filling it with a distinguishing luminosity.
Fashionable hand-made accessories are carefully selected to combine with an
outfit that proves sophisticated and unique.
Anita Ber Ber Atelier, the longed-for purpose of a lifetime, is the result of a
mixture of will power and audacity that for sure would have pleased its German

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